Your motorized armchair has merged onto The Easychair Expressway. This is a site designed to honor the Nickelodeon/Rebel Entertainment TV show, Roundhouse, which aired in the Nickelodeon "SNICK" block between 1992 and 1994.

Roundhouse was a fresh, innovative sketch comedy/variety show, featuring a very talented young cast of singers, dancers, and comedians. It was filmed with a live band, before a live studio audience in a 'round' stage that was meant to resemble a train station roundhouse. The show featured original songs, amazing hip-hop choreography, and almost exclusively used cardboard props. (Not to say that was an 'easy out': in most cases the beautifully crafted cardboard props were more expensive to use and more time consuming to create than actual props.)

Another unique attribute of the show was the iconic motorized easychair which we've adopted as our site mascot in celebration of Roundhouse. Please take a look around. As a community of fans for this amazing show, we value your input and your shared memories.

Adge & Mike

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