Hi Ho there! You've chosen the song lyrics page. That means that you either have questions about a song, or you know something we don't and would like to rub our noses in it. We welcome either. By no means are my lyrics absolutely correct, but they are a good Adge-guess. Collected over 5 years of insanity (happy insanity.) If you think you've caught a mistake, please do not hesitate to email me (subject line: ATTN: deaf girl) and I will watch the song over and over again all night to decide my final recommendation to be given to the impartial lyric jury to look over. There are still a lot of holes in a lot of songs, and for that I apologize and ask heartily for your help. One last thing - all the songs are organized by *my* silly titles for the time being. Sorry about that. If you need a translator, see the episode guide, or email me. (Subject line: Pas de what?)

Thanks to Meredith Leen and Natalia Osias for contributing to Fix-the-Broken-Lyrics-Fund.