Dominic is one of the very well respected dancers of this generation. As a high school student, Dominic left the sports behind and got the "bug" as he put it, for theater. He was voted "Most Talented" in high school and was on the Homecoming court. As a kid, (and teenager) he would dance around and sing with the radio. Right after high school he started out doing commercials (Sprite, Milky Way) and despite having very little dance training, Dominic had incredible talent and was selected to be one of the four dancers for the Michael Jackson "BAD" world tour. He performed with Michael on the 1989 Grammy Awards. Dominic was only 19 when he took part in a film that touched the nation, Stand and Deliver, the Jaime Escalante story. Dominic played one of the 18 Ganas Kids, the only role he ever took (that I know of) that had nothing to do with dancing. In 1989 Dominic danced with Paula Abdul in the video, "Cold Hearted." That year he also danced in an episode of The Tracey Ullman Show which Miss Abdul choreographed. You can find Dominic dancing on Paula Abdul's video release from 1989 called, "Paula Abdul: Straight Up." Beyond that, Dominic continued to work with Paula for a year and a half as her assistant choreographer, touring, doing the Arsenio Hall show, Friday Night Videos, The 62nd Academy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, among other things. And then Paula and Dominic choreographed the American Music Awards, and won an Emmy for it! Dominic also continued working with Michael Jackson and Kenny Ortega on the choreography for the "Dangerous" tour. Soon after, Dominic landed the role of "Bumlets" in the cult film Newsies. Dominic was featured endlessly in the ads for the film, because he was "the guy who spun on the fan." He was featured in Disney's "The Making of Newsies." It was this year that Dominic appeared on Star Search with his dance group "New World." They won at every opportunity and ended up with $100,000! "New World" also had written a few songs and shot a music video for one of them. Dominic was approached by Virgin Records to begin a solo career, but he turned them down as he would not abandon his group. Also in 1992, Dominic starred on Nickelodeon's Roundhouse, the cast of which became his second family. In 1993, Dominic danced and sang on Disney's American Teacher Awards. Other films Dominic has danced in: The Mambo Kings, Faith, Dance to Win, Mac and Me, and quite noticeably in La Bamba. He's also danced in and choreographed two videos for Japanese/Latino artist Naomi. Other music videos he appeared in: "Seal Our Fate" for Gloria Estefan, "Hang On" for Phil Collins, "Electric Slide" for Marcia Griffins, and "Kisses in the Wind" by Brenda Russel. For stage Dominic appeared in A Chorus Line, and Grease.

Birthday: 8/28/67 Favorite advice: "Take one day at a time." Dominic likes to read the Bible. He loves any and all things related to I Love Lucy. Favorite theme park ride: roller coasters (not the Tea Cups. ;-]) Favorite Music groups (circa 1992): PM Dawn, TLC, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Portrait. Hobbies: going to movies, playing board games with friends, shopping. Dominic was born and raised in California.

Jobs that came with RH: Danced at the 6th annual Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards.