When Ivan was 18, he won a national Tremaine dance scholarship and decided it was time to move from Minneapolis to LA. At the age of 15, he had already performed on Jr. Star Search in 1986! Ivan began teaching with Tremaine studios Hollywood, and touring as a hip-hop and occasional tap teacher with Tremaine conventions, which he was still with up until a few years ago. The Professional Dancer's Society recently honored Joe Tremaine and the event was choreographed in part by Ivan. Ivan has danced on the MTV 10th Anniversary Special with Michael Jackson, The Movie Awards, The Country Music Awards with Reba McEntire, toured with Virgin record recording artist, Angel, and has done many videos. He worked as assistant choreographer for the world tour for Latin superstar, Cheyanne. Ivan has danced with; P.M. Dawn, Color Me Badd, and done the video "Try Me" by Jasmine Guy. He appeared with Diana Ross in the 1996 Super Bowl half time show. He has been in many commercials including; Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Panasonic, M&Ms, Du Pont, MacDonald's, Pringles, Mountain Dew, and Fleet Bank. He has traveled world wide with industrial shows including; Reebok, Hobie, Body Glove, Ocean Pacific, and Avia. Ivan participated in T.J. Martell's Rocker Soccer Celebrity Match on ESPN2, July 9, 1994. T.J. Martell is a charity for cancer and AIDS research. As for Ivan's film work, he played "Dutchy" in the movie Newsies, and he was in the films Encino Man (was also assistant choreographer for this film) and Toys. He was interviewed briefly in a "Making of Newsies" type special. In television, Ivan took part in the short lived NBC series Hull High, and of course the cult hit Roundhouse, for which he has also choreographed 10 episodes. Ivan was assistant choreographer for Michael Jackson's HBO concert special, as well as assistant choreographer for the 1996 Academy Awards. He also choreographed a magic show for Lance Burton. Ivan has choreographed for 'N Sync's first European tour and is mentioned on their home video for fans. He's choreographed for Alanis Morrisette, Paula Abdul and Christina Aguilera. Ivan went to UCLA film school because he's constantly chasing challenges. His behind the scenes credits are numerous. Ivan was the director of photography for Michael Jackson's video, "Blood on the Dance Floor." He was an editor and producer for many episodes of MTV's Biorhythms. Ivan also edited the 2002 film, Threnody and several episodes of MTV: Jammed including those featuring Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and No Doubt. He has edited the CMT Music Awards, and Anna Netrebko: The Woman, The Voice. He was package producer and one of the graphic designers for The American Latino Media Arts Awards which aired on ABC. He has worked as an editor for Farmclub.com, which was an interactive website and TV show on the USA Network. Farmclub.com featured well known acts as well as unsigned bands who performed on a rotating stage before a live audience. On the TV show, Ivan was featured in the promo for the 'hook-ups' section of the website. Currently, Ivan is producing promotional spots for various projects including those for the film, Moulin Rouge. Ivan directed the 2005 TV show, The Playbook.

Birthdate: 11/20/70. Middle name: Peter. Ivan's been dancing since age 8. His hobbies are photography, soccer, tennis, motorcycling, drawing and alternative music. His favorite bands/singers (circa 1994) are; Depeche Mode, Nat King Cole, Weezer, Counting Crows, Sting, Crash Test Dummies. Ivan has a tattoo on his left shoulder of a Ukrainian symbol for freedom and peace. Favorite color: blue. Favorite food: pizza, nachos, and Borscht. Favorite drink; Coca Cola. Favorite TV shows (circa 1994): Ren & Stimpy, Cops, and Coach. Favorite actor; Jack Nicholson. Favorite school subject; Photography. Favorite clothes; Blue Jeans and flannel shirts; Armani suits. He has 3 dogs: Taffy, Shadow (cocker spaniels) and Indy (Basenji). Ivan's nicknames are: Dutch and Ivosh. Ivan loves photography and turned his basement into a photography studio. He did the photography for Roundhouse guitarist, Marty Walsh's first album.

Jobs that came with RH: hosted an MTV Top 20 countdown in 1993. Slime Time Live 1993 & 1994. Danced at the 6th and 7th annual Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. Hosted SNICK Live in 1994. Ivan was pointed out by Entertainment Weekly magazine as a *star* in the making. He was profiled in Bop magazine. Appeared with the 2nd season cast on Entertainment Tonight. Ivan had his own profile commercial for Nickelodeon.