Jennifer Cihi joined the Roundhouse cast in 1993, the third season, for which she also sang the theme song. JC (my nickname for her) is a well known session singer. She has a beautiful voice and is trying to pursue a solo project. She's constantly singing here and there around town in LA. Jennifer can be heard singing on the American Sailor Moon Soundtrack. She provides the lead vocals (in song) for the cartoon character, Sailor Moon. She also sang on the album, City Hunter 2 Original Soundtrack Volume 2, which was another animated film. Jennifer also provided vocals for the animated film,Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime.) Many have reported spotting Jennifer in various television commercials. 

Birthdate: 4/2/68. Jennifer was born in California. Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite subject in school was writing. She has 2 sisters and a dog. Her favorite singers are: Amy Grant and Bonnie Raitt. (circa 1994)

Jobs that came with RH: hosted an MTV Top 20 Countdown in 1993.