The comedy style of John Crane is of mammoth importance to the style of Roundhouse and the existence of this site. He played "Dad" on Roundhouse for four seasons in his famous chair and gave us the inspiration to name our site as we have! An accomplished comedian and actor, he's proven to be an excellent singer and song writer as well. John is a performer with the Groundlings Theater in California where he's performed in such plays as "Good and Twenty" and "Choppy." He wrote and starred in the latter, which had a good long run at the end of 1999 and even shot a television pilot for UPN. Also for Groundlings, John is an improvisational comic and stand up comic. In 1992 he co-starred as "Joe" in the film Body Waves with Larry Linville from M*A*S*H. After Roundhouse, John stayed with television to take part in the FOX children's series A.J.'s Time Travelers, where he played a comedic fly. Look for the show in syndication on the Warner Brothers Network! John was a staff comedy writer for Roundhouse (as he is for the Groundlings Theater) and he also wrote at least half a dozen songs for the series. John played a disgruntled neighbor on mock-talk show Night Stand, he also made appearances on the series', The Love Boat: The Next Wave, and Baywatch. John has appeared in the films: Bloodfist IV: Die Trying, Alien Avengers, Murder Live!, and Richie Rich's Christmas Wish. Prior to Roundhouse, John worked as a tour guide to the Star Trek attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. The strangest job he's had: playing a half eaten bologna sandwich for an anti-litter commercial. John appeared in a 1999 Honda Accord commercial. In 2000, John starred as "Louie" (the only character) in a short film called The Hole. Currently you can catch episodes of Johnny Bravo that John wrote for the Cartoon Network, as well as episodes of CatDog he wrote for Nickelodeon. John also served as a writer on the TV series Rocket Power: Race Across New Zealand, and he's currently a writer and co-producer on the Fox sketch comedy series, Mad TV.

Birthdate: 3/20/62. John was born in New Orleans, CA. Favorite book: The Golden Skits of Wing-Commander Muriel Volestrangler by John Cleese. Favorite advice: "Stay in school."

Jobs that came with RH: hosted an MTV Top 20 Countdown in 1993. Hosted SNICK Live in 1994. Appeared with the 2nd season cast on Entertainment Tonight. Has own profile commercial for Nickelodeon. Look for "John Crane Interviews John Crane" in Nickelodeon Magazine, 1993.