This is the story of the one and only, abundantly unique, Julene Renee. The multitalented actress/dancer/gymnast can impersonate just about anyone (with the appropriate wig, of course.) She was a competing gymnast for 10 years. (Oh, that explains some things!) Julene co-starred in the 1992 film Dance Macabre with Robert Englund. The movie was filmed in Russia in 1991. Julene was also in the Sheena Easton video, "What Comes Naturally." Julene went on to do the variety series, Roundhouse in 1992. She stayed with the show from beginning to end and grew to be very recognizable for her wonderful characters and her back breaking flexibility. During a break from the show, Julene danced at the 1993 Academy Awards with Liza Minelli, in a number called "Lady's Day" and another number from The Mambo Kingstitled, "Beautiful Maria." Julene was recognized by Entertainment Magazine as being a star in the making. Julene has guest starred on the series Rock Me Baby, Strong Medicine, Haunted, That '80's Show, The Client, Hope & Gloria, George & Leo, and Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place. Since 1994, Julene has been the voice of the "Biggles" characters on PBS' Kidsongs. Watch for her as a dancer in the blockbuster hit Titanic! Julene is also featured in commercials for York Peppermint Patty, McDonald's, and Discover Card. Recently, you could catch Julene on Fox Family Channel's Random Acts of Comedy, which was an improv comedy game show that Julene was a regular on for the show's entire run! She has appeared in the films Secretary, Almost Heroes, and The Polar Express. Julene has had a business that sold delightfully funky handbags which she designed. A portion of the proceeds went towards a fund for children in foster care, a cause which Julene is passionate about.

Favorite book: Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann. Favorite advice: "Always believe in yourself no matter what anyone else tells you." Favorite music: Aerosmith, Tori Amos and Kate Bush. (circa 1993) Hometown: San Diego, CA

Jobs that came with RH: hosted an MTV Top 20 countdown in 1993, danced at the 6th annual Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, hosted SNICK Live in 1994. Appeared with the 2nd season cast on Entertainment Tonight. Julene had her own profile commercial for Nickelodeon. She also participated in the voice overs for fellow "Roundhouser" David Sidoni's own show, Bing.