Lisa Vale is a greatly talented singer with a wonderfully entertaining on-stage personality. Lisa released a solo pop album titled, And I Love You in 1992, from Eastwest Records. She also contributed to the song writing on the album. Lisa joined TV's Roundhouse, in 1993, which is kind of a music/dance extravaganza for which she sang the theme song. She left the show after the second season to have a baby! A baby girl named Sophia. Lisa returned to Roundhouse for it's fourth and final season, again singing the theme song. She's been encouraged by fans to do a second solo album, which Lisa would like to be all Latin. For now though, she's set on staying home with her family. Lisa currently resides in New York.

Birthdate: 11/2/66 Lisa's family nickname earned as a child: "Little Canary." Lisa is trained in ballet, Jazz and Modern dance. She's been dancing since age 9, and attended a performing arts high school in her home state of New York.

Jobs that came with RH: hosted SNICK Live in 1994. Appeared with the 2nd season cast on Entertainment Tonight.