Mark David is well known for being a cast member on the cult hit TV show Roundhouse. (But I don't need to tell you that.) According to Mark, his career started when he was discovered dancing in a club! He appeared as a "popper" in the '84 Olympics when he was 16. In television Mark appeared in a few episodes of NBC's Hull High. He even had a singing solo, "The Laws of Motion." He's also done a "Weaver Chicken" commercial. In films, he has appeared in Encino Man, Society (a Russian film made in 1989), and he played "Specs" in the film Newsies. Mark was the bagel boy dancer in Janet Jackson's video: "Alright." "MD" was also a guest contestant on Nickelodeon's Family Double Dare in 1992, playing against Natalie Nucci. Mark played "Hubert" in an episode of Saved By the Bell: The New Class and he also appeared in an episode of Land's End. He played the T.J. Martell's Rocker Soccer Celebrity Match on ESPN2, July 9, 1994. T.J. Martell is a charity for cancer and AIDS research. Mark had a vocal group for a while called "The ModZ" but unfortunately they have disbanded. In 1998 Mark starred in a Rebel Entertainment project/pilot called Cheap Theatrix which was part TV show, part live show. Mark also worked on the production staff of which was an interactive website and TV show on the USA Network that featured some well known bands as well as unsigned bands playing before a live audience. Mark has relocated to New York City and now works in music promotions.

Birthdate: 10/27/68. Middle name: Allen. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mark studied theater at Santa Monica High School. He is a big Chargers fan.

Jobs that came with RH: hosted an MTV Top 20 countdown in 1993, hosted SNICK Live in 1994. Appeared with the 2nd season cast on Entertainment Tonight. Mark also had his own profile commercial for Nickelodeon.