Natalie has had a very interesting career in show business, and not just in LA, but all over the world! Aside from her singing, dancing, acting and comedy galore on Roundhouse, her television appearances include: Frasier, General Hospital, The Young and The Restless, Personals, Totally Hidden Video, Wally & The Valentines(pilot), Easter Seals Telethon, The Variety Club Telethon, The Price is Right, and The Love Connection. Oh! And one shouldn't forget her guest appearance on Nickelodeon's Family Double Dare! Natalie's stage credits include: Grease(as Rizzo and as Marty), The Ten Commandments (Starring Val Kilmer), Swingtime Canteen, Most Happy Fella, Man of La Mancha, West Side Story, Strike Up The Band, On The Town, Evita, 6th Annual Welk Xmas, Kismet, Larry Hart's Pan Jam, Toy Story II Holiday Show, Cameron English's Open Doors, Sam Harris' Different Hats, and Jesus Christ Superstar. There's more! Natalie's film work includes: The Flintstones Movie, 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag, House Party 2, You Ruined My Career, Start Me Up, Two Faces, and Scenes From Streetcar. Natalie has been a dance instructor and she's traveled with Silver Sea Cruises as assistant choreographer to Walter Painter. She's been to places like the Norwegian Fjords, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Ireland, Scotland, Israel, and Africa. Natalie used to do gigs (with Wayne Brady) as a 50's singer on the weekends in an attraction called "Double Date" at Mel's Diner in Universal Studios Hollywood. She's been in music videos for: Amgen, Jerry Woo, Candy, Ronnie Gray, and Andre Paradis. As well as commercials for: Verizon Wireless, Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages, Exxon, and Food For Less. She also appeared with Eve and Gwen Stefani at the 2001 Teen Choice Awards. Natalie recently filmed an independent film called When the Kids are Away, directed by John Chu. Natalie's main current pursuit is theater and she just finished a forty-four week national tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. Stay tuned for the latest Natalie news!

Birthday: October 13. Middle name: Alisa. Brother: actor Danny Nucci. Sister: Yaël (also called Elle). Natalie was born in Kufshtein, Austria. Her family moved to Italy when she was two. They lived in Bergamo then moved to Montebelluna. She speaks fluent French, Italian, and Spanish. Natalie's father was born in Fez, Morocco and her mother was born in Casablanca.

Jobs that came with RH: hosted an MTV Top 20 Countdown in 1993. Hosted SNICK Live in 1994. Appeared with the 2nd season cast on Entertainment Tonight.