Seymour is the ultimate spinning, flipping and dancing cast member of Roundhouse. Seymour and his cousin, Alfred were discovered when performing on the boardwalk in Venice, California, where they still perform today. They have been actively involved with Nickelodeon. (A million commercials.) Sey danced and answered phones for The Big Help-a-thon in October of '94 and October, '95. On several occasions he took part in the "Nick takes over Your School contest." And in 1992, Sey was at Nickelodeon's Kid's World Council. With Nickelodeon, Seymour has appeared in concerts with artists: Kris Kross, Tag Team, and All 4 One. On their own, Seymour and Alfred have toured with hip-hop/pop artist, Timmy T, Michil'Le, and Japanese solo artist Hiroko. They work as a dance team and have opened for Color Me Badd and Johnny Gill. They have been in music videos for Tracie Spencer (which Seymour choreographed),  Mellow Man Ice, and The Red Elvises. It's rumored that they've appeared on an Australian variety show and a body building show, in China. Seymour was seen dancing on the streets of New York for the 1995 Billboard Awards on FOX. Also, Seymour and Alfred have appeared dancing in the opening of The Tonight Show and have also appeared on the 1995 MTV Music Video Awards, and at the 2000 Busker Festival. Other television appearances include: Keenan and Kel, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, The Stephanie Miller Show, On the Street (pilot), and Sahvado Degante. Now they have a comedy act! The "Al & Sey" act has been featured on NBC's Friday Night with an interview, and they also entered as contestants (in the comedy category) of Jenny Jones' National Talent Search. (4/8-4/9/96) They won!! Seymour and Alfred have also toured Australia, China, London, and the US under the name "Touch of Class." They've recently been working on a new comedy act called "Bizerk" and they've also been working on something with Bradley and the Groovaloos. In 1999 they performed at The Groundlings Theater in West Hollywood, in John Crane's one act show, Choppy which also shot a pilot for UPN. Seymour and Alfred were narrators for the 2004 independent film, Michael Blanco. It's been reported that Seymour and Alfred are in an educational video called Germ Busters, available at your local library. Seymour performed in the b-boy "Sketchers" commercial, the cast of which was awarded at the 1st Annual Hip-Hop Dance Awards in 2000. Aside from frequenting Venice Beach and Santa Monica's famous Third Street Promenade, Seymour and Alfred reportedly perform Monday nights at "The Comedy Club" in LA.

Sey's a "Jr." He says he got his nickname "Seymour" because as a toddler he was always looking around at everything. He's from Denver, Colorado.

Jobs that came with RH: Seymour danced at Nickelodeon's 6th and 7th annual Kid's Choice Awards. Hosted an MTV Top 20 Countdown in 1993. Hosted SNICK Live in 1994. Appeared with the 2nd season cast on Entertainment Tonight. He has his own profile commercial for Nickelodeon.