The Season 1 Non-Guide

The order these episodes have been placed in is based on educated guess.

101 The Lost Episode

Kids: Joey and Jennifer AnyKid.
Cast folk: Dominic and Crystal.
Songs: "We're A Family" "Back Where We Belong"
Non Plot: Jennifer redefines the intelligence of cheese toast, while mom takes up home dentistry.
Implied Moral: Even if you do turn the light off in the utility room, you still have to go to Grandma's.

102 Jump in the Fire

Kids: New Kid and Sis.
Cast folk: Mark and Julene.
Songs: "Jump In The Fire" "Be Your Friend"
Non Plot: New Kid learns that had he saved his money, he could have bought more than a band geek.
Implied Moral: The New Kids On The Block will never ever leave you alone.

103 U.S. Olympian Team

Kids: Angie and Calvin.
Cast folk: Crystal and Dominic.
Songs: "Flop Sweat" "I Can Dream"
Non Plot: Micki gets sand in her shoes and Crystal wins an Ace award while trying out for the track team.
Implied Moral: Don't wear your shoe phones. And it's OK to suck at sports, if you look like Dominic.

104 Disobedience

Kids: Vinny.
Cast folk: Ivan.
Songs: "Substitution" "Sex Education"
Non Plot: Vinny has fantasies in public.
Implied Moral: When taking a test, sit behind Seymour and Crystal.

105 Dylan Mark Chadly

Kids: Millie and Brat Man.
Cast folk: Crystal and David.
Songs: "Self Conscious" "Do Not Care"
Non Plot: Seymour has an ironing problem and Millie is drinking milk while Brat Man is lucky to pass a GED.
Implied Moral: Don't go on the Tea Cups with Dylan Mark Chadly.

106 TV Heads

Kids: The Anyfamily.
Cast folk: Shawn, John, Seymour, Crystal.
Songs: "TV Head" "U.B. The Judge" (VB) "Don't Make Me Give It Up"
Non Plot: Crystal shaves her head and becomes a groupie for the Spastic Knifings.
Implied Moral: Don't do aerobic classes with Julene.

107 It's a Date!

Kids: Mikey and 'The Girl'.
Cast folk: Dominic and Crystal.
Songs: "Be A Rebel" "Only Want To Be Me"
Non Plot: Hillary politely reminds Skip about the uses of a napkin.
Implied Moral: If your date turns into a verbal boxing match-you'd better be prepared with more than "Oh yeah?!"

108 What If?

Kids: Jeff Anykid.
Cast folk: David.
Songs: "I Hate Big Books" "I'll Be On Your Mind" (VB)
Non Plot: After contemplating the pros and cons of Cindy Cheevers being elected class president, the Dudes conclude that she's highly qualified to carry out the responsibilities of an ideal leader.
Implied Moral: Save your paper bags.

109 Recession

Kids: Ryan and Cindy.
Cast folk: Mark and Micki.
Songs: "Higher" "Still Waiting For Love"
Non Plot: Dominic learns not to dig around in the cushions of Dad's chair.
Implied Moral: Kangaroos are ok but wallabies are trouble.

110 Times

Kids: This one's a toss up.
Cast folk: know!
Songs: "Take Time, Make Time" "Times"
Non Plot: Mark learns that women are superior to men.
Implied Moral: If you're a ditzy cheerleader.....don't walk home alone.

111 A Flying Fish

Kids: Crystal and Dominic.
Contestants: Shawn, Micki, Crystal, Natalie.
Songs: "Meat Market" "Airbrain"
Non Plot: Julene learns the vast marketing value of growing Ivans and Dominics in a bottle.
Implied Moral: Always let Natalie give her speech first.

112 Conflict: Dominic's Bully

Kids: John Anykid and Billy Rutnic.
Cast folk: Dominic and David.
Songs: "I'm A Bully" "Whole Lot More" (VB)
Non Plot: Billy learns a little something about women.
Implied Moral: Whatever you do.....don't stand on David's foot!! :)

113 Idaho

Kids: Jody, Melissa and Brian.
Cast folk: Natalie, Julene and Dominic.
Songs: "Stage Mother"
Non Plot: Stage Mother's frustrations inspire a full scale production number.
Implied Moral: If you get to kiss Dominic, take off your wax lips.