The Season 2 Handy-Dandy Guide

Now it's 1993. After months of reruns, fans are ready for season 2. Roundhouse had made it's move from Orlando to Hollywood and the lighting look darkened a bit. Most notable changes; the addition of Lisa Vale to the cast, and the absence of Crystal Lewis and Dominic Lucero.

The order these episodes have been placed in is based on educated guess

201 Popularity

Directed by: Bruce Gowers 
Songs: “Be Popular” “Work it Out” (VB) “Don’t Wanna Play Games”

Robin lets her grades suffer seriously in order to upgrade her popularity status with the Dudettes.

notes: Apparently Lisa’s tears at the end of her song are very real, nerves had gotten to her on her first show... but the song was done very well in one take. Character introduction: Alfred's Walnut.

202 Environment

(Mark, Lisa)
Directed by: Bruce Gowers 
Songs: “My Room’s a Disaster Area” “One”

The Anyfamily tries to conserve energy and recycle, to preserve the Earth and it’s environment.

notes: Introduction of Shawn's Elsa Flinch character.

203 Pets

(Ivan, Lisa)
Directed by: Kent Weed 
Songs: “Bark Baby” “Bark”

Dad tries to teach the kids the responsibilities of owning a pet.

notes: Introduction of Gus, the Sucky Sock Dog, and Mark’s “Barney.”

204 Divorce

(Ivan, Lisa)
Directed by: Bruce Gowers 
Songs: “Lost on an Ocean” “Can’t Let Go”

Chris feels left out because he’s the only kid in school without a step family.

notes: “Can’t Let Go” by Benny Hester, Marty Walsh and Frank Musker won a ‘Youth Excellence in Film’ award for best original song.

205 Trouble

(Ivan, Micki, David)
Directed by: Bruce Gowers 
Songs: “Toe Jam” “Detention Hall Blues” “Love Has No Voice”

Greg learns what it’s like to be in trouble at school, with his parents and with the law.

notes: Introduction of Mark's "annoying kid from the encyclopedia commercials" character.

206 Independence

(Natalie, Mark, Marty)
Directed by: Bruce Gowers 
Songs: “Changes Made” (VB) “Holding Me Too Close”

‘Missy’ tries to get loose from the tight grip of her parents. They won’t let her date the lead guitar player from the ‘Twitching Uvulas,’ so she rebels.

notes: Band member Marty Walsh got in on the action in this episode as Natalie’s love interest. Apparently Aaron Spelling caught word of ‘The Tori Spelling Bee’ and attempted to sue Roundhouse. It was however, settled out of court, and Roundhouse continued to poke fun at Mr. Spelling with free spirit and easy conscience.

207 Fear

(Lisa, Mark, Ivan)
Directed by: Ron Andreassen 
Songs: “They’re Everywhere” “Roundhouse Crew” “If I Give You My Heart”

Cathy tries to work up the courage to find a date for the Backwards Dance, despite her fear of rejection.

notes: This episode was choreographed by Ivan Dudynsky. Episode marked their one year "snickiversary."

208 Best Friends

(Julene, Lisa)
Directed by: Bruce Gowers 
Songs: “This is War” “The Bridge”

Two best friends have to find a way to get over their little misunderstanding in order to do their book report together.

notes: This episode was choreographed by Renee King and Ivan Dudynsky. Introduction of the Sally Jesse Rafael character(s). This is the only episode to feature additional musicians brought onto the Roundhouse stage.

209 New Baby

(Ivan, Lisa)
Directed by: Linda Mendoza 
Songs: “There’s a Baby” “A Miracle”

Doug and Judy Anykid try to convince the family’s new baby to move out and live with a game show host.

notes: John wrote the song, "There's A Baby."

210 Summer Job

(Ivan, Lisa, Micki)
Directed by: Rita Sheffield 
Songs: “Won’t Let this Summer End” “On Vacation”

Joey Anykid gets a summer job delivering newspapers (Dutchy... is that you?!) in order to afford a flirtatious bicycle. He finds he may have gotten in over his head with responsibility.

notes: Introduces Mark’s ‘Tom Voo’ character. Seymour, although at the studio, does not appear in any of this episode’s sketches.

211 Technology

(Ivan, Mark, David)
Directed by: Rita Sheffield 
Songs: “Defender of the Universe” “Talk to Me”

Duke the school bully tries to pressure Dave Anykid into using his computer smarts to break into the school computer and fix his grades.