The Season 2 Non-Guide

The order these episodes have been placed in is based on educated guess.

201 Monopoly Money

Kids: Rhoda? ...Ronda? “No! Robin!” ...oh
Cast folk: Lisa
Songs: “Be Popular” “Work it Out (VB)” “Don’t Wanna Play Games”
Non Plot: Walnut eludes the Dudettes once again, and Michael Bolton finds a talent.
Implied Moral: Advice should only be taken from moms who were cheerleaders, even if they don’t have their own show on the FOX network.

202 Thing a Thong

Kids: (kids)
Cast folk: Lisa, Mark
Songs: "My Room’s a Disaster Area" "One"
Non Plot: I don’t know, but only Roundhouse could come up with a McDonald’s pie-box bra.
Implied Moral: Finding relatives buried in your room is a good indication that you need to clean it. If the President shows up... even more so.

203 Butt of Course

Kids: Phil and Jill
Cast folk: Ivan and Lisa
Songs: "Bark Baby, Bark"
Non Plot: The cast makes a pretty good case for not throwing away sea monkeys or chia p- man! That there's a FAT DANG DOG! 
Implied Moral: It's gonna take a lot more than a sucky sock dog to get Ivan to pucker up for that 3rd Act ballad.

204 All My Step-Children

Kids: Chris & 'sister'
Cast folk: Ivan, Lisa
Songs: "Lost on an Ocean" "Can’t Let Go"
Non Plot: The TV is torn between two loving parents.
Implied Moral: The homeroom milk monitor can never be trusted.

205 Speed Limit Racer

Kids: Greg, Perfect Older Sister, Spike
Cast folk: Ivan, Micki, David
Songs: "Toe Jam" "Detention Hall Blues" "Love Has No Voice"
Non Plot: Mark does every character in the book and Julene writes a fine essay on the effects of slavery.
Implied Moral: I guess if anybody could lead you into a life of crime, it’s Sonny & Cher. (Adge note...I love Sonny & Cher by the way, I don’t want any angry letters.)

206 The House of Round

Kids: ‘Missy’, Jimmy & guy in a band
Cast folk: Natalie, Mark & Marty!
Songs: "Changes Made" (VB) "Holding Me Too Close"
Non Plot: Mom & Dad explain to Natalie that there is just ‘no chicken pluckin’ way.’
Implied Moral: Not even Aaron Spelling can mess with Roundhouse.

207 Snickiversary

Kids: Kathy, Mason, and Bill/Jeff
Cast folk: Lisa, Mark and Ivan
Songs: "They’re Everywhere" "Roundhouse Crew" "If I Give You My Heart"
Non Plot: Sid sticks pencils up his nose and the girls find that attractive.
Implied Moral: Eating lunch with Mason McGoey is at one’s own risk.

208 Revenge

Kids: Laura & Julie
Cast folk: Julene, Lisa
Songs: "This is War" "The Bridge"
Non Plot: The most popular girl in school takes client meetings in bathroom stalls and there is no shortage of ‘90210’ jokes.
Implied Moral: There is no end to what cardboard can be used for on Roundhouse.

209 Pea Monkeys

Kids: Doug, Judy & New Baby Joey
Cast folk: Ivan, Lisa & Mark
Songs: "There’s a Baby" "A Miracle"
Non Plot: The Baby sneezes.
Implied Moral: Do you know your brother? Watermelon or Mark David?

210 Flem & Stinky

Kids: Joey, Annie and Lydia
Cast folk: Ivan, Lisa, Micki and Julene as the bike
Songs: "Won’t Let this Summer End" "On Vacation"
Non Plot: The family takes a road trip to watch... cattle.
Implied Moral: When the bike talks back, don’t buy it. Especially if it has monster mud flaps.

211 Defenders of the Universe

Kids: Dave, Scotty, Duke
Cast folk: Ivan, Mark, David
Songs: "Defender of the Universe" "Talk to Me"
Non Plot: Mom gets mad... and it’s not pretty.
Implied Moral: When evil space aliens try to take over the Earth with technology, pretend to be a locker. Oh, and set your VCR clock please.