The Season 4 Non-Guide

The order these episodes have been placed in is based on airing order and educated guess (the length of Shawn's hair.)

401 A Single Spot

Kids: (kids)
Cast Folk: Ivan and Natasha.
Songs: "Sunrise" "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"
Non Plot: The guy on the penny shows up!
Implied Moral: Floodwater pants are cool. (Despite what Mason McGooey says.)

402 The King

Kids: Bernie and Leesha.
Cast folk: Nicoll and Julene.
Songs: "Changing Shades of Grey" "Too Much To Handle"
Non Plot: Celebrations of the 44 ½ year anniversary of the second time Elvis ever licked an envelope.
Implied Moral: Roundhouse does not condone wedgies. The pirate look is really in.

403 Objection/Bailiff Says

Kids: Joey, Les, and Brown-Noser.
Cast folk: Nicoll, Ivan, and Alfred.
Songs: "It's Not Over" "Nothing But the Truth" (VB)
Non Plot: Joey escapes from jail due to Dumb Kid's cunning knowledge of escape methods.
Implied Moral: Nevermind. Joey's guilty.

404 Claptrap

Kids: Paul.
Cast folk: Ivan.
Songs: "No Lucky Charm" "Oil 'N Vinegar"
Non Plot: There is a boxer rebellion. Chicken soup works miracles.
Implied Moral: A major qualification to join the cast of Roundhouseis the ability to haul heavy scenery.

405 Blender, part 1

Kids: Fred and Jill.
Cast folk: Ivan and Natasha.
Songs: "What Time Is It?" (VB) "Time Wheels Turning"
Non Plot: Jerry Garcia presents the kids with the sacred Seven Commandments.
Implied Moral: Think twice before you make that smoothie!

406 Pas de Deux, part 2

Kids: Jill and Fred.
Cast folk: Natasha and Ivan.
Songs: "Making History" (VB) "Time Travel Cha-Cha"
Non Plot: Never has so much importance been resting on Dad's finger.
Implied Moral: Call 555-GOT-TO-GO for all your time travel needs.

407 Motown Granny

Kids: Jack and Diane.
Cast folk: Ivan and Micki.
Songs: "What Took You So Long" "Boy Scouts To Men"
Non Plot: Mark is rushed to the hospital after a certain mosquito incident.
Implied Moral: Corduroys have many uses.

408 Paper Hat Head

Kids: Skip and Fran.
Cast folk: Ivan and Lisa.
Songs: "Could It Be You" "Drop Out" (VB)
Non Plot: Having learned from someone else's mistakes, Farhod turns his life around because he understands that taking the wrong train in life may perhaps leave him in Dumcluck, Egypt.
Implied Moral: Play it safe, cook your own chicken at home.

409 Roundhouse Live

Kids: KC and Monica
Cast folk: Ivan and Natasha.
Songs: "Don't You Choke" (VB) "Nobody's Perfect"
Non Plot: Anytown defeats Rivaltown. Dewey defeats Truman.
Implied Moral: Know the Heimlich Maneuver.

410 Cheese

Kids: Darrell Anykid and Donald Chump.
Cast folk: Ivan and Sid.
Songs: "Break These Chains Set Me Free" "Give Me A Second Chance"
Non Plot: Smart boy explodes. Stupid people prevail.
Implied Moral: Sell the house.

411 RH Gold

Kids: Cindy, Jan, and Marcia.
Cast folk: Natasha, Natalie, and Micki.
Songs: "I Love You"
Non Plot: Hop Sing and Little Joe come to the aid of Mexican President Alajandro Warez.
Implied Moral: Don't eat the decorative pineapple at the salad bar.

412 Operation 51

Kids: Jake and JJ.
Cast folk: Ivan and Mark.
Songs: "We've Got A War On Our Hands" "Let's Make Peace"
Non Plot: Dad recounts his successes in World War Anynumber. And once again anyneighbor Mrs. Levine suffers at the hands of the Anyfamily.
Implied Moral: A little green army man never forgets.

413 The Family

Kids: Zack.
Cast folk: Ivan.
Songs: "Before You Know It"
Non Plot: "Either this is a really convoluted episode about endings… or…"
Implied Moral: Machine Wash Warm. Tumble Dry. (C'mon, you KNEW that was coming.)